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Familiar with the kids for a day at Season Arts Primary ESL Maker School !



The versitile whiteboard is combined with digital screen provide teachers and student with an optimal learning environment. English wordbanks, sentence pattern posters and children's completed project works are diplayed around the large, bright classroom, to create an emmerisive english learning environment that the children feel comfortable and happy to an learn in.



The Art Maker Classroom provides an incredible variety of material and tools, while resident artists guide children to create amazing projects improves aesthetic literacy.



The spacious activity room is a space for active sports and physical games.



Give the children access to sunlight and nature to play with their friends in a fun and realistic environment.



An expansive library, filled with both Chinese and English books, fosters a love for literature and reading. Let's read together !

國小ESL 教學特色


Season Arts ESL Elementary School provides a Chinese and foreign English teachers in each classroom. Both teachers will collaborate and teach together to guide students' English language learning. Foreign teachers all have English as their native language, and they would exercise standard English listening and speaking with students and for them to practice daily.

This way, students are surrounded by an English language environment, and they are able to learn standard English listening, speaking and pronunciation skills through extensive language exposure. Moreover, these authentic conversations are able to provoke learners' English language thinking and real-life application.

Chinese and Foreign Co-teachers Collaboration


Learning English is the start of becoming an international citizen. The purpose of it is to teach students a language which is internationally recognized, and they are able to use the language and communicate their own viewpoints, values and cultural beliefs with people from around the world.

Therefore, Season Arts ESL Elementary School will implement a thematic exploration curriculum which learners are able to experience the aestheticism of life, ask questions, and solve problems while caring about the environment

Thematic Exploration Curriculums


Interesting themes are designed according to children's ages and abilities, and children are highly motivated in their learning through an extensive use of project-directed curriculum. With the guidance of staying-at-school artists, children can play with various tools and resources to perform different kinds of art creations to express their thoughts and satisfy their desire for making things.

Collaborating with peers is also encouraged in the curriculum for them to make their imagination come true through constant brainstorming, making, and experimenting with different things. The precious experience of actually creating and making things opens up opportunities for children to unleash their limitless creativity and aestheticism.

Art Maker Lessons


Character education is embedded into daily life through integration of different activities, and it is demonstrated and applied to children's everyday life for them to learn to give, care, and take responsibilities. For example, be polite to everyone you meet, be able to sense other people's needs, be happy to help others such as teachers and classmates, etc.

This way, children become responsible and proactive characters through performing activities such as doing choirs, finishing homework, and preparing for events.

Moral Education


At Season Arts ESL Elementary School, Chinese teachers will look over children's homework and provide assistance for them during homework time. Children are then able to finish their work in a positive and joyful learning environment and develop dedicated learning attitude.

Homework Writing


In an English only learning structure, a natural and joyful language learning environment is provided for students to develop their learning interests and language communication skills.

At the same time, a rich curriculum is designed for learners' English language development in areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and students will learn to use English naturally when performing activities.

Various English Learning Activities


Children at different ages require different fitness needs and standards, and our curriculum designs accordingly.

Different sports such as skates, mini-baseball, soccer, badminton, basketball, etc. are also added into the curriculum. As a result, students become familiar with many different sports and form a habit of excercising.

P.E. Class


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