Creating an immersive aesthetic experience campus

Restoring a green forest ecosystem

Building towards carbon reduction and environmental symbiosis

In Renmei Season Arts Campus,

Create the original talent of life

Enrich children's childhood

Ecological Renmei ‧ Return to Nature

Letting learning environment come back to nature
Create learning intrests and possibilities

Click the glowing spots on the map
Let's explore the ecological campus secrets together !

The rate of greenery coverage is 100%

Letting nature return to the city, letting learning come back to nature.

School Grounds

Close to the land, there are trees, grass, sand,
warm sunshine and fresh air.

School Forest

Feel the beauty of the solar terms.
Birdsong, the chirping of creatures and fragrant flowers.

School Creek

Experience the fountain
the beauty of the stream flowing to a réservoir then into a pond.

Ecology Gallery

Across the 100 meter ecological greenway.
Explore plants, insects and seasonal flora.

Eco Island Hopping

Top-level ecological restoration campus,
Create an ecological island hopping for our city.

Children‘s Gallery

Light sculpts the preciousness of art,
innocence creates eternal hope

Looking up, the trees are connected to the sky

Overlooking, the earth carries stream

Feeling, rich and diverse little creaters ecology

Walk into the building
Feel the winds

Walk around each floor
Abundant greenery makes the space full of vitality

Go outside
Walk the ecological greenway, embrace nature

Renmei Season Arts
is a shining ecological campus in the city

It will contribue the next generation to
a sustainable and beautiful centennial campus

Ren Mei Milestone

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Location of
Renmei Campus

No. 19, Chongde 19th Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung



Ren Mei No. 19, Chongde 19th Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung
04 2241 0550
Shr Jen No.467, Da Duen 11th St., Nantun Dist.,Taichung
04 2380 2222
Shi Tun No.89, Shang An Rd., Xitun Dist.,Taichung
04 2706 8000
Bei Tun No.208, Lu Shan Rd. Section 1, Beitun Dist.,Taichung
04 2243 3333
Li Ming No.969, Dadun 12th St., Nantun Dist.,Taichung
04 2380 8822

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